The King is Dead - Father Christmas

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Could James Corden be the next president of the USA? Would Caprice make a good chief of police? Would Louis Walsh make a good king? Almost certainly not. A public figure is hypothetically bumped off and a comic interview panel scours the celebrity pool for a top-notch replacement in this comedy panel show. This is not a typical HR department - the last Father Christmas probably didn't get the job based on the ability to smash up a signed picture of the Loose Women with a ski, and the former chief of police almost certainly avoided having his or her feet licked by an alsatian - and this isn't a typical interview panel. Simon Bird, Nick Mohammed and Katy Wix guide the process each time. Ho! Ho! Ho! Father Christmas is Dead! Simon, Nick and Katy interview Huey Morgan, Derek Acorah and Nathan Stewart Jarrett to see who is best suited for this gift of a job.