The Huey Show - 07/11/2010

Huey talks to one of his rock heroines, Chrissie Hynde about her new collaboration album with singer-songwriter JP Jones called 'Fidelity'. Chrissie has long been a big influence on Huey and he is delighted to be talking to her and JP about their recent collaborative album under the moniker 'JP, Chrissie and The Fairground Boys'. A concept album about a love affair doomed by a 30-year age gap the album is the first album Hynde has ever released under another band moniker despite a history of collaborating with the great and good of rock royalty. Huey wants to find out how the relatively unknown Welsh songwriter JP managed to persuade and pin Hynde down for such a project, what their writing sessions were like in Cuba and what their plans are for the future. Former Beta Band front-man and now solo artist Steve Mason is back for Sharing Is Caring, picking a dub favourite to share with Huey and the listeners. Uncle Mike regales us with a New York musical memory in New York Minute and a listener chooses their favourite record to hear on wax on the radio.of the best music from the past four decades, spanning rock, rap, disco, soul and Latino.