The Film Programme - 06/04/2007

Andrew Collins talks to Andrew Macdonald, the producer of Sunshine, 28 Days Later and Trainspotting. Andrew is also the brother of Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald, the grandson of Emeric Pressburger and one of the major players in the British film industry. Simon Pegg, the star and writer of Hot Fuzz is currently touring the world with his film, talking to audiences from Australia to America. Andrew catches up with him in his hotel room in Seattle as another movie he's starring in, Big Nothing, is released on DVD. Mark Kermode talks about Slade In Flame, the film that he has anointed the "Citizen Kane of rock musicals", Flame, starring the glam-rock group Slade. Ken Russell, the director of Women In Love, The Devils and Tommy, is still making movies - in his conservatory. Using a digital camera and his neighbours as actors, Ken is Britain's most famous director of no-budget films. In an occasional series, he gives us his guide to making movies on a shoe-string. This week - how to make a special effects film without any special effects.


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