The Culture Show - 2006/2007 - Episode 21

Andrew Graham-Dixon reports on Hogarth and Canaletto, contemporaries who portrayed 18th century life in completely different ways. Leonardo DiCaprio discusses his Oscar-nominated role in Blood Diamond, while Spinal Tap's Christopher Guest chats about his film For Your Consideration. Lauren Laverne visits Anstruther in Fife to meet James Yorkston and King Creosote, members of the Fence Collective.


  • 2007-01-27 19:35:00 - 2007-01-27 20:20:00 on BBC Two Northern Ireland Analogue, BBC Two Wales Analogue, BBC Two Scotland, BBC Two Northern Ireland, BBC Two Wales, BBC Two England,


  • Presenter Andrew Graham-Dixon
  • Director Richard Bright
  • Presenter Mark Kermode
  • Presenter Tom Dyckhoff
  • Presenter Lauren Laverne
  • Executive Producer Edward Morgan
  • Producer Jane McWilliams
  • Director Kath Pick
  • Participant Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Director Jack Cocker
  • Participant Kenny Anderson
  • Participant Christopher Guest
  • Participant Peter Jelkeby
  • Participant Joe Kerr
  • Participant Justin McGurk
  • Participant Eduardo Niebla
  • Participant James Yorkston
  • Director Anya Saunders
  • Director Cat Synott
  • Producer Nicole Kleeman
  • Producer Emma Rimmer