The Cotton Club

Musical drama set in 1928 that pays a visually striking tribute to the Prohibition era. Jazz musician Dixie Dwyer saves a gangster's life and gets sucked into the mobster's world of bootleg liquor, racketeering and escalating violence, centred round the eponymous Harlem nightclub.


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  • Director Francis Coppola
  • Dixie Dwyer Richard Gere
  • Sandman Williams Gregory Hines
  • Vera Cicero Diane Lane
  • Lila Rose Oliver Lonette McKee
  • Owney Madden Bob Hoskins
  • Dutch Schultz James Remar
  • Vincent Dwyer Nicolas Cage
  • Abbadabba Berman Allen Garfield
  • Producer Robert Evans
  • Writer William Kennedy
  • Writer Francis Coppola