The Chris Moyles Show - Tuesday - with John Barrowman

(iPlayer times in brackets) 06:35 (00:05) – We talk about the birthday show yesterday and the birthday weekend in general. We also talk about Pineapple Dance studios, 24 and Married Single Other. Tina’s made some Rocky Road, which is actually not unpleasant 07:05 (00:35) – We talk about the Cheryl Cole story in the papers and the fact that they’re all trying to imply that there’s something going on between the two of them 07:35 (01:05) – We’ve got another secret for you in the next 24 hours as we announce the location of this year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend 07:45 (01:15) – Rob DJ's Monday Night Pub Quiz 07:55 (01:25) – Quiz answers 08:05 (01:35) – Tomorrow we’ll be announcing the location of this year’s Radio 1 Big Weekend, but first we play Snow Patrol from last year’s launch in Swindon 08:20 (01:50) – John Barrowman is on the show today and he can tell us about Desperate Housewives which he’s about to start filming 08:35 (02:05) – Chris is paranoid that Dave is going to give away the location of this year’s Big Weekend 08:45 (02:15) – John Barrowman part one. We talk about how tanned he is and his forthcoming role in Desperate Housewives 09:05 (02:35) – We plug John Barrowman’s album and play some of the songs from the shows. We also talk about the One Show which John Barrowman is on tonight 09:45 (03:15) – Carpark Catchphrase with Hollie and Natalie; Natalie wins and is back on Thursday 10:00 (03:30) – We talk to Fearne about her cycling and about what she’d like to eat when Chris and her have dinner



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