The Chris Moyles Show - Thursday - When Dom Met Leonardo DiCaprio

(iPlayer times in brackets) 06:35 (00:05) – We talk about our journey to Bangor in the last 24 hours, Dave and Dom got lost somewhere in North Wales and we all had a lovely time thank you very much. Chris’ telly show starts this Friday so we discuss that and the review in the week’s Heat Magazine. Chris is going to be on the One Show tomorrow along with Steve Wright’s show in the afternoon for promotional purposes. Aled talks about the Mock the Week, or Mock of the Week as he calls it. Aled not understanding the word mock is a rich area of comedy 07:15 (00:45) – Aled further demonstrates the fact that he doesn’t understand the word mock and the concept and format of the show Mock the Week, however he is willing to pitch the idea of Mock of the Week to BBC3 or someone 07:20 (00:50) – Where Am I? with Westwood. Today he’s in Bradford 07:35 (01:05) – Chris and Dave play a game of guessing the winners of last night’s NME awards from the categories read out by Dominic. Dom is surprised how many they get right 07:45 (01:15) – We replay Pixie Lott live from yesterday which still gets a mixed review. 07:50 (01:20) – We celebrate the Tinie Tempah track and analyse some of his rhymes. He keeps his clothes at his aunt's house, probably because he’s short of wardrobe space 08:05 (01:35) – More about leaving your clothes at your aunt’s house or in the boot of your car like Dave does. We then do Dom’s guess who from Manchester. It’s Amir Khan 08:20 (01:50) – Dom’s very funny interview with Leonardo di Caprio, and Dave raises the question on the text of whether you’re ear lobes are in line with your nipples. People are now checking 08:35 (02:05) – Steve in East Yorkshire has just lined up his ear lobes and his nipples with a spirit level and they are perfectly in line 08:45 (02:15) – We have a little round of what's the TV theme tune and then some more random facts about our bodies and life. Apparently you’re nostrils and jedwards are perfectly in line 08:55 (02:25) – Lots of nice facts; some true and some false 09:00 (02:30) – Tedious Link: A Tribe Called Quest…but the wrong version 09:10 (02:40) – More facts that have been sent in. Some are brilliant 09:20 (02:50) – More facts including the one about Workmen exploding if they don’t whistle 09:35 (03:05) – More facts and then time to move on 09:45 (03:15) – Carpark Catchphrase. Louise wins and is back on Monday



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