The Chris Moyles Show - 20/11/2008

Today's running order 6.30 - News and Sport 6.35 – Chris made cheesecake for the first time yesterday and went out for a drink with Parf Daddy. We talk about the football last night which he didn’t see and Chris is doing Cookalong Live tomorrow night for Gordon Ramsay and wants to get hold of a Jamie Oliver Apron 6.55 – Chris has noticed that Chanelle has had a new haircut like Posh Spice. Chris likes it but is still shocked she’s not tried to contact him 7.00 - News and Sport 7.05 – We talk about John Sargeant’s decision to walk from Strictly. We talk about Bryan Adams on the One Show talking about Chris and Christine moving on quickly. We should start a campaign to get Adrian to be more like Adrian Smiles 7.25 – We have a dream sequence to wonder what was really going through Christine’s head, when Chris’ name was mentioned. Chris yesterday went to the supermarket and got distracted by a lady in lycra leggings in the queue in front of him. He then realises he doesn’t have his wallet and has to put some of the stuff back. Dave had a similar thing where he filled the car up and didn’t have his wallet 7.30 - News and Sport 7.35 – Many people have had a similar situation at the petrol station, and we wonder how Dave would cope and what he could leave of value while he went home to get some cash 7.45 – Dave’s Top Tips from the magazines 7.50 – Chris’s surreal world gets weirder and weirder where he’s got chewing gum stuck on his jeans now. Rachel tries to get it off. We also talk about jeans repairs and who takes their jeans to the tailors 8.00 - News and Sport 8.05 – Other people offer jeans stories and we talk turn ups and tailors. Dave’s Mum takes his trousers up but that’s perfectly normal. We do the big announcement for TOTP. Then play the new Coldplay track 8.20 – Fearne on the phone. Discussing TOTP, her cats her pyjamas, her aga and trifle 8.30 - News and Sport 8.35 – We’re talking more about trifle and then have a great idea about Daniel and John Sergeant doing the Christmas number one 8.45 – We talk more about our Christmas number one idea. It could be proper brilliant 9.00 – Tedious Link - Sinead O'Connor - 'Nothing Compares 2 U' 9.05 – Half time and we chat about Mikyla from Hollyoaks who’s lost loads of weight. She should be an inspiration to Chris with his Kilamanjaro climb coming very soon. There might be other people doing the climb to be announced, but more on that at a later point. Dave tells Chris there’s a pub at the top but there isn’t really. We then rate the guests from the other day. 9.30 - News and Sport 9.35 – Zane has been saying nice things about the show but he talks so fast that you can’t understand what he’s going on about 9.45 – Carpark Catchphrase with Ryan and Lucy. Two of the stupidest ever who didn’t get Too Many Cooks Spoil The Broth 10.00 – Sara tells us about her experience at the dentist yesterday. Very funny


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