The Chris Moyles Show - 17/11/2008

Today's running order 6.30 - News and Sport 6.35 – Chris’ mic makes it sound like he’s on the phone and not here. We have a natter about I’m a Celebrity and the line up and whether it could be better. Chris then challenges the team to come up with a better list of ten celebrities 6.55 – We get Dom’s list for his series of I’m a Celebrity and the others will come after the news 7.30 - News and Sport 7.05 – Carrie’s list which is totally not possible. Then it’s Dave’s list which is controversial and Rachel’s list which is extremely random. Chris thinks Dom’s list is the most plausible 7.20 – Chris shows us the video of Steve Guttenberg running naked in the park. Cheggers will probably do a remake 7.50 – Kirstie is here but Phil’s on his way. Dave might be a bit star struck. Chris and Dave then run down the top 10 7.55 – Kirstie and Phil are here and Chris thinks Dave will be weird when they come in. Chris is making a perfectly normal situation seem weird 8.00 - News and Sport 8.15 – More about Dave’s meeting with Kirstie and Phil. He’s not going to kiss them 8.20 – Kirstie and Phil band one. We just chat about them and what they do 8.30 - News and Sport 8.40 – Kirstie and Phil with caller asking about buying a buy to let place 8.50 – Second caller with the perfect house she wants to move into 9.00 – Tedious Link – Stereophonics – 'Local Boy' 9.05 – Another caller for Kirstie and Phil, and then Chris finds some lovenotes from Dave in Phil’s pocket 9.25 – Now Dave has been writing love notes for Alan Sugar 9.30 - News and Sport 9.50 – Carpark Catchphrase with Ryan and Hazel


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