The Archers - 30/09/2008

Adam thinks Matt's been evasive since the public meeting on the anaerobic digester, but finds Brian's equally reluctant to talk. It becomes clear why when David rings Adam with the news about the Loxley Norton plant's supermarket agreement. Adam's furious, and even more incensed when he learns that Brian has known about it for a week. Adam thinks Brian pleading confidentiality is no defence. Brian also admits that Matt and Annabelle want to make an approach to Loxley Norton. Adam storms out to tell Debbie, Ruth and David. Debbie asserts that there must be sound business reasons behind Matt's decision. But Adam thinks it stinks. They've done all the groundwork for Matt, and they can't go on without Borchester Land. And what if Carl the consultant is involved? Debbie says they shouldn't get paranoid. It may all come to nothing. She'll fly over for the next meeting and they can challenge Matt then. Lilian tells Jennifer she's not having much luck finding a carer to relieve Peggy. The only offer she's had is of a two hour slot which would differ each week. Demand is high, and carers are in short supply. She doesn't think they're going to find anyone fast. Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.


  • 2008-09-30 19:00:00 - 2008-09-30 19:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,
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