The Archers - 26/04/2007

Ed's got the afternoon off but doesn't see the point in watching the town crier competition. Fallon convinces him otherwise. Jolene knows Clarrie will appreciate her efforts. Fallon wishes Kev would appreciate her and Jolene gives her a plan. She must find a night when Kev's free and give him the time of his life - it works every time with Sid! Sid worries that Kev might lose his edge. Jolene pulls Sid to her, and kisses him, quickly, showing him just how easy it is to make a man happy without him losing his focus. Adam's concerned for Jennifer and suggests they get away from the farm for the afternoon. They end up at the town crier competition. It's such an eye opener for Jennifer that she manages her first laugh in ages. Eddie and Clarrie are pleased when Ed turns up to see Eddie's great performance. It's a big disappointment when first prize goes to Larry Lovell. As they all rally round Eddie, Jennifer thinks about everything the Grundys have survived. Nothing seems to split them up. When Adam suggests a little stroll Jennifer thanks him but it's left her feeling sad and she just wants to go home now. Episode written by Mary Cutler.


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