The Archers - 21/02/2010

Nic calls in on Jill, with some biscuits baked by her children. Jill appreciates Nic coming round. Nic points out that Jill's always been kind to her. She made her feel welcome when she moved back in with Will. Mike and Brenda are out knocking on doors trying to recruit customers for two new milk rounds in the wealthy areas of Downham and Fawcett Magna. Their target is 350 new customers. Tony notices the graffiti on the shop wall. He expresses his fears to Helen about her plans. He doesn't think it's right to bring a child into the world without a father. Helen points out that there are plenty of male role models in the family. Tony observes wryly that Brian has a love child and "great uncle" Matt's a jailbird! Helen just wants someone of her own to love. The only man she wanted a child with was Greg. It would have been his birthday today. Tony softens a little but wonders about Helen's job. She'll carry on as long as she can and then look at getting childcare. Tony thinks she should wait a year but Helen wants to be a mother. There's no reason to wait. Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.


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