The Archers - 20/10/2010

William's learnt about Emma's pregnancy from Jennifer. He rants at Clarrie and Eddie for not telling him and storms out. Ed's not fit to be a father and he feels sorry for the baby. Clarrie didn't think he'd take the news that badly. Eddie reckons he'll soon calm down and they agree that Nic will probably talk him round. Over a pizza with Jamie, Kenton mentions the fire in the hide and the barn dance. Kenton explains that Jamie's antics are no big deal to him, it's his attitude he's concerned about. Jamie gets defensive and explains that everyone seems to be coming down on him, especially since he bunked off school. Kenton points out the importance of doing well at school, but he agrees that Kathy taking and picking him up is a bit bonkers. Kenton gets Jamie home on time. He tells Kathy that he's talked to Jamie about bunking off school, and hopes it's got through to him. He wants to help with the school run, and offers to pick Jamie up tomorrow so that they can hang out together again. Kathy's a bit taken aback but it would give her a break, so agrees that it's fine.


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