The Archers - 19/02/2009

Nic tells Helen that William's coming back early, and he's asked her to move in with him. Helen thinks this is great but Nic's still got reservations about being isolated at Casa Nueva. Helen thinks it's worth overcoming the difficulties. Nic's excited at Will's return, though, and asks Clarrie if she wants to help her get the house fresh and warm for him. Shula's proud of Kenton for confronting Ryan, and assures Alistair that she loves him for wanting to help someone, even though it turned bad. Alistair appreciates her support. Alistair tells Maurice how foolish he's been. Maurice also offers support to Alistair but Alistair's worried that he gave Ryan a reference for a job. He knows he must withdraw it. Clarrie's pleased that Eddie did a good job mending the broken drain at Bridge Farm. Pat hopes the problem's sorted but knows they need a survey of their whole system. The Estate doesn't have any plans and it looks as if they'll have to replace the lot. Helen thinks it's an ideal opportunity to look at alternative methods, like a reedbed system. Pat agrees it's crossed her mind. Helen wishes Tom would apologise to Hannah and tells Pat he needs to get on with it. Episode written by Keri Davies.


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