The Archers - 18/02/2008

Mike tells Caroline how upset Roy and Hayley are at not getting 1, The Green. Caroline suggests converting Willow Farm into two houses, which Mike thinks is a stroke of genius. Roy agrees it's an amazing idea, and can't wait to tell Hayley. With just a small mortgage to cover the cost of the conversion, Roy thinks it's really generous. Mike admits he's also being selfish - this way he gets to keep them close by. Matt's becoming a regular in Grey Gables restaurant, and Caroline feels sorry for him. Even though he insists he doesn't need her pity, Matt quickly accept Caroline's offer of dinner at Grange Farm next Monday. Increasingly frustrated, Jolene tells Lilian that her attempts to manage things just aren't working. Lilian gets upset about the whole situation, leaving Jolene feeling awkward. Jennifer and Lilian moan about their men. Jennifer's still reeling from the fact that Brian's made a new will and Lilian thinks Matt's probably moved Annabelle into the Dower House. Writing her diary is therapeutic but she's all for Jennifer's proposal to hit the shops tomorrow and do their men some damage where it hurts - in their wallets. Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.


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