The Archers - 16/02/2009

Eddie's at Bridge Farm with his digger and soon discovers the cause of the pollution - a badly crumbled pipe. Eddie can fix it but Tony knows there's a chance there's more damage to be found. It's going to be an expensive job. Just what he needs to learn on his birthday - especially as they've only just bought the place! Usha takes flowers to the new lodgers at the cottage. They've settled in well. Usha's training regime has gone up a level. It's healthy eating from now on and she stocks up at Ambridge Organics. Usha admits to Helen that Annabelle Schrivener might have something to do with her determination to do well. After a busy day, meeting a visiting Bishop from Zambia, Alan's all fired up and isn't too impressed with his low fat meal, especially when Usha suggests it wouldn't harm him to lose a few pounds. Helen thinks Tom's avoiding her calls. She calls at the house but he's out. Helen tells Brenda how badly Tom reacted to Hannah over the extra hours Brian offered her. Helen insists he needs to apologise, and to sort himself out before he does some lasting damage. Brenda agrees to have a word with Tom. Episode written by Keri Davies.


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