The Archers - 12/08/2009

Helen is having a problem in the dairy. The thermostat has gone so she and Clarrie can't start making the yoghurt until it's fixed. Clarrie thinks Helen's been on the phone to an engineer but Helen says it was Leon. He's asked her to go on a date next week. Helen tells Clarrie to go home until the engineer arrives. Clarrie says Pat would be impressed by the way she's handling things. Something was bound to go wrong while her parents were away. Sid hasn't slept at all well. He's been listening out all night for Wayne going downstairs, to help himself to the bar. Wayne appears, looking rough, and to Sid's horror, Jolene packs him straight back to bed. Sid's worried it might be swine flu, which would ruin his trade, but Jolene's already phoned the helpline so she knows it's not. When Fallon brings Wayne some water, he tells her he's been thinking about her a lot. Fallon tells Jolene they mustn't let Wayne get too comfortable. Jolene says maybe Fallon can patch up her differences with her father? Sid thinks Fallon was right to bring Wayne back, but he hopes Wayne gets better quickly. The sooner he's out of Ambridge the better. Episode written by Adrian Flynn.


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