The Archers - 10/11/2010

Brian helps Adam move a converted steel drum into the lambing pen. Adam's hopeful Ian will make Peggy's birthday meal, as well as being the conjurer for Ruairi's birthday party at the week-end. Jill's spreading the word about the Remembrance Day service, when Des Penwell will be speaking about his experiences in Afghanistan. Peggy will be there. She insists Jill reads her e-mail from Conn. Fallon's surprised to learn that Jazzer joined the panto cast last night, as Idle Jack. Pleased that Fallon is willing to do the music, Lynda talks her through the production notes. The greatest hurdle is not knowing who'll be singing Alice's romantic duet with Dick. If Lynda ends up casting Sabrina, she hopes Fallon will record it for Sabrina to mime to. Fallon thinks this is the next best thing to being in the show. Jolene overhears them discussing how much better it would be if Fallon could play Alice. Jolene knows it'll be hard without Fallon in the Bull but she thinks the challenge is what she needs, and insists that Fallon does the panto - for both their sakes. Although technically not the right panto, Lynda's delighted that Fallon's coming to the ball.


  • 2010-11-10 19:00:00 - 2010-11-10 19:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,
  • 2010-11-11 14:00:00 - 2010-11-11 14:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,

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