The Archers - 10/06/2010

Rossiters have accepted Amside's offer on two houses. It's a small start but Matt wants to celebrate. Lilian thinks they should hear about the pub soon. Matt agrees, and once that comes through, they'll be well on their way. As Susan begins her first actual batch of yogurt-making, her confidence ebbs away and she's all fingers and thumbs. She's not helped by Clarrie gossiping away about Joe and Eddie's preparations for their own version of Open Farm Sunday. Peggy and Lilian have been to visit Jack. Peggy wonders whether she should have told him about Sid, but knows he wouldn't remember the news. It's a worry for her. Lilian suggests Peggy comes back for lunch at the Dower House. While they enjoy lunch in the garden, Matt returns from a business meeting needing a word with Lilian. It's clear she's willing but not quite keeping on top of the admin. They're in a bidding war for the pub so need to increase their offer by at least £20K. Lilian knows it would be great for their portfolio, but it's early days and they don't want to overreach themselves. Matt's frustrated but knows she's right. He'll look at some numbers and see what they can do.


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