The Archers - 09/11/2010

As Pip helps Ruth disbud a calf, Ruth asks if she's chosen which college she'd like to go to yet. She'd better make time to go through prospectuses. Pip's preoccupied with the dinner dance though, and she has an organ lesson later today as well. Alan has asked her to play her grandad's favourite hymn at the advent service. Pip's keen to do her best, as a tribute to Phil. It's the first time he won't be there to play at the service. Kenton and Jolene have a productive trip to the wholesalers, looking for Christmassy items for the pub restaurant and Jaxx. Over lunch, Jolene admits she almost cancelled this morning. It's strange not doing this with Sid. Kenton surprises and cheers Jolene up by trying out his new wind-up penguin in the quiet pub. It'll be a Jaxx Christmas mascot. Harry warns Jazzer to stop eating so much rubbish, and blows up when he what Jazzer has ruined his best knife and saucepan. When Jazzer finds out how much replacements will cost, he instead offers to clean for a month. Harry has another idea. He knows something Jazzer can do that'll help someone else out. And it's not negotiable.


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