The Archers - 09/06/2010

During a late night out, celebrating the end of exams, Jude enthuses to Pip about his holiday travel plans. Pip talks as if they are both going. Kathy thinks it's too soon for Jamie to go back to school but Kenton understands Jamie wanting things to be normal. Kathy's proven right when Jamie copes badly, and she has to pick him up. Pip wakes groggily to find Jude already up. He's got things to do and doesn't know when he'll be back. He's not sure about tomorrow either. Pip goes home, and offers to help with the kids' walks at Open Farm Sunday. Ruth's delighted. Lilian brings the post to Fallon, including birthday cards. Sid would have been 66 today. Fallon supposes that Jolene is going to have to bring Sid's body home after the post mortem. Fallon doesn't know where to start about letting people know. Lilian comforts her, and tells her not to worry about letting people know anything just yet. Kenton remarks on the beautiful flowers from Jazzer. Fallon's clearly touched, but manages to stay in control as she puts them in water. Kenton contrasts her with Kathy, who he feels is wallowing in it. How can Kathy's behaviour be good for Jamie?


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