The Archers - 06/07/2007

Alice goes to see Caroline about a job and tells Alan this should mean she's not under his feet so much. Alan doesn't want Alice to feel unwelcome, but he's concerned that she's starting to think he's given her an open invitation to stay. Usha believes he needs to tell her straight. As there are no waitressing vacancies, Alice has to take a job cleaning rooms but she doesn't seem to care. Alan agrees it's good to stand on her own feet but hopes she can now think about talking to her parents. Alice is still adamant she doesn't need them. Ruairi's being a real nuisance with Jennifer. He calms down for Brian, who suggests Ruairi helps him to move the combine with Adam. Jennifer goes along too and when it's clear there's lots of work to be done she insists on bringing Ruairi back. Ruairi's still restless at bedtime. Brian tries to settle him down but when he starts crying again Jennifer insists on going to him. Ruairi can't understand where his mammy is, and Jennifer does her best to explain. She tries to soothe him by telling him he's got his daddy and he's got her too. And they're not going to leave him. Episode written by Tim Stimpson.


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  • 2007-07-06 19:00:00 - 2007-07-06 19:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,