The Archers - 05/07/2007

David's only come to give Ruth a receipt but she excitedly grabs the chance to talk about introducing Brown Swiss genetics. When David realises he's got Ruth and Pip to contend with, he agrees to think about it. Ruth's also happy that Emma has agreed to clean Rickyard Cottage between lets, and show guests around. Will warns Brian he'll need to go into Borchester next week to sort his car out. Brian apologises for not being around lately. He's reluctant to discuss his situation with Will but burdens it all onto David. David tries to reassure Brian that he could still keep his family together, with time and a lot of hard work. Brenda agrees to help Oliver market his cheese. Kirsty thinks Brenda's really going places with this work on top of her work for Matt. Brenda realises she'll have to give up Jaxx, which is bad news for Emma - nobody else would be as flexible as Brenda. Brenda explains the situation to Will. He's sure Brian will understand if it means Will has to be less flexible with his work, especially with Brian's current situation. He tells Brenda not to worry; they'll work something out. Episode written by Tim Stimpson.


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