The Archers - 04/07/2007

Jolene's happily showing off the bracelet Sid's bought her for their wedding anniversary. Sid's not so happy when he realises she's going outside 'looking for empties' as an excuse to have a cigarette. With Ruairi at Lower Loxley, Jennifer's got a free afternoon. When there's nobody at the vicarage, she calls on Lilian. One look at Jennifer, and Lilian insists they go for a drink. To Jennifer's dismay, they arrive at the Bull to learn that Alice and Amy have just left. Jennifer admits she's now worried about Brian. He's trying desperately hard to keep Jennifer happy because he's terrified she'll change her mind. Lilian thinks Jennifer needs help but Jennifer insists she has to cope. Besides, half the reason she's not sleeping is because of Alice. Lilian insists Alice just needs time to come round. Jennifer gets home to find Amy and Alice upstairs. Her hopes are dashed when she realises Alice is just collecting more belongings. Jennifer begs her not to leave again but Alice is determined, and Amy backs her up. Brian arrives and tries to take control of the situation but Alice insists she can survive without them so they needn't worry. She can look after herself. Episode written by Tim Stimpson.


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