The Archers - 04/04/2007

Eddie and Lilian meet up at the cider shed to practice Eddie's cry - and to sink some booze in secret, as far as Lilian is concerned. But Eddie stops her - and makes her drink lemonade until after the practice is done. He can't concentrate if either of them is drinking. Matt turns up, certain he's caught Lilian out, but there is no sign of any alcohol anywhere, and Lilian plays outrage very well. Out of the blue, Siobhan phones Brian and astonishes him by revealing that she is in Borchester. He goes to see her. Ruairi is at home in Dublin with her mum. She has terrible news for Brian. She has cancer. She has had an operation on a melanoma on her back, but it has spread to her liver. She starts chemotherapy next week in Dublin. She asks Brian to look after Ruairi if she dies. Brian says he will. But Siobhan says Ruairi will need a mother too. She wants Brian to ask Jennifer, and see if she can find it in her heart to accept the innocence of her little boy. Then Brian can say yes. Episode written by Adrian Flynn.


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