The Archers - 03/07/2007

Pip is really interested in the idea of cross-breeding the cows. It would be strange seeing a different sort of cow to the black and whites they've always had but she agrees a bit of variety would be nice. Pip does some investigating on the internet and prints off a picture of a Brown Swiss. Ruth's pleased to have Pip's support. Now all she needs to do is persuade her dad! Even though Alan's helping Usha tidy up, she regrets offering to hold a fete committee meeting - especially when Hayley turn up early. There's another awkward moment when Hayley mentions Alice staying with Alan. It's news to Ruth, although she has to admit that she knew about Ruairi. The conversation halts when Peggy arrives. Peggy feels bad at being unable to continue with the white elephant stall but Alan assures her that she's still doing plenty. Peggy asks him to give her love to Alice but wishes she'd speak to someone in the family. Alan assures her that once the anger burns out Alice will start to forgive. Peggy hopes he's right but knows that there's just so very much to forgive. Episode written by Tim Stimpson.


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