The Archers - 01/11/2010

Tom wants to do an energy audit, using an online tool kit, to help bring down the farm's high electricity bills. Tony's not worried about his carbon footprint but tells Tom to go ahead if he thinks he can save them money. Kenton's hoping to see Kirsty. He needs cover for Friday as he needs the night off. Kirsty's not around but he comments on how well Helen looks. Helen's planning to visit Emma, who's 17 weeks pregnant, to swap notes. Lynda's also trying to get hold of Kirsty, to ask her about the panto. She's also hopeful David will join the cast. Jim's been through a bag of videos that Alan gave him. They included some specially recorded horse races. It's given Jim an idea. Jim later tells Kenton that he and Alan have discussed holding a race evening at the village hall. Kenton's pleased they weren't thinking of holding it at the Bull, as he doesn't think Jolene would be up to it. He offers Jim some advice abut fundraising. Helen's baby is busy kicking away. Pat eagerly feels Helen's tummy. Tony does too - but with reluctance.


  • 2010-11-01 19:00:00 - 2010-11-01 19:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,
  • 2010-11-02 14:00:00 - 2010-11-02 14:15:00 on Radio 4 FM, Radio 4 LW,

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