The Archers - 01/10/2008

David tackles Annabelle about the digester project, but she says he should be talking to Matt. She's not in a position to betray Borchester Land board confidences. Ed's angry that Tom tried to poach Jazzer for his pig business. Ed points out that he and Mike are fighting hard to keep the dairy business going, and Tom should look elsewhere for his staff. Ruth tells Tom about the benefits of Brookfield's planned new grazing scheme. Tom hopes he'll be seeing her at the Grange Farm open day - if he's still welcome. Ruth asks Pip if she'll make Jill's birthday cake, but Pip's too busy; maybe Ruth could use some of her Tea notes? David's putting up obstacles to offering Rickyard Cottage to Ed and Emma. Pip points out how much they have at Brookfield, while Ed's just starting out. When Ruth reminds him later that they should count their blessings, it strikes a chord and he relents. He admits having Ed on site would be handy, and it would be a relief for Ruth not to have to worry about holiday lets. It looks like the decision's made. When Ruth relays the news, delighted Ed can't believe it, and can't wait to phone Emma. Episode written by Nawal Gadalla.


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