The Archers - 01/05/2007

Fallon tells Ed that she's going out with Kevin to a swanky bar in Felpersham; it's his last chance to have a cricket-free night out with her. Later Roy and Hayley bump into Fallon. She's dressed to the nines waiting for Kevin and is furious when he fails to turn up, due to a last minute cricket training session. She storms out, saying it's the last time she's being stood up by him. Later she and Ed agree that relationships are trouble and to go out on a 'non-date' together. Lynda's relieved when the maypole dance goes smoothly. The children don't tie themselves in knots after all, so she gives into their demands for chocolate fudge cake at the Bull as a reward. Brian's still in Dublin with Siobhan and Ruairi. He tells Siobhan that Jennifer won't come over and he's worried that Niamh might end up having Ruairi. Siobhan reassures him that's not what she wants. Brian's moved when Siobhan shows him a memory box she's put together for Ruairi. He tells her that no matter what happens he'll always look after Ruairi. He won't let anything or anyone stand in his way. Episode written by Simon Frith.


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