Sunday Feature - North of South Revisited - Kenya

Shiva Naipaul travelled through East Africa in the late 1970s looking for answers to the question "How wide is the gap between the rhetoric of liberation and its day-to-day manifestations?" and exploring the post-colonial relationships "between black and white and brown". Thirty years on, as Africa celebrates the 50th anniversary of the liberation of 17 African nations, with many more set to follow shortly, Ugandan journalist Joel Kibazo retraces Naipaul's journey to see how much has changed. Does the language of liberation mean anything to people in East Africa today - most of whom are under 30 and have no personal experience of colonialism or those heady days leading to independence? In the first of two programmes Joel Kibazo visits Kenya. North of South Revisited is a Ruth Evans Production for BBC Radio 3.