Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents - Malia

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BBC Three throws open the doors on the ultimate rite of passage for the average teenager - the first ever summer holiday abroad without their parents. But what these teenagers couldn't possibly have guessed is that whilst they enjoy their first taste of freedom, with all its temptations and excesses, they are being secretly watched... by their parents. It will be an eye-opening experience, but will it bring them closer together or drive them further apart? It's sun, sea, boozing and brawling in Malia, as 18-year-old Joe Major leaves his doting family behind for one last blowout with the lads before they go their separate ways, while 18-year-old art student Millie Butler escapes from her mum for her first ever girls' holiday. Mayhem ensues as Joe begins his holiday by throwing up in the toilet before hitting the strip clad in tutu and nail varnish, and in the same resort Millie lets loose with her girlfriends. Both are blissfully unaware that their shocked parents are there to witness it all. As Joe tries to hold his holiday and his mates together amidst a bust-up and a trip to the hospital, his parents must come to terms with some of his more outrageous party antics. Meanwhile, Millie's ever-watchful mum realises that her daughter has grown up and it's time she finally let her go. Part of the Dangerous Pleasures season on BBC Three.