Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents - Ibiza

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BBC Three throws open the doors on the ultimate rite of passage for the average teenager - the first ever summer holiday abroad without their parents. But what these teenagers couldn't possibly have guessed is that whilst they enjoy their first taste of freedom, with all its temptations and excesses, they are being secretly watched by their parents. It will be an eye-opening experience, but will it bring them closer together or drive them further apart? In Ibiza, head boy Rob Watson escapes his adoring parents for a summer blowout before starting university and trainee builder Hollie Hutton swaps her overalls for her pulling gear. As the holiday unfolds, Hollie's mum is shocked to see a new side to her daughter. The tomboy she thought she knew seems to have developed a more feminine side and her new-found confidence is a big hit with the boys. Meanwhile, Rob decides to spend his last day fulfilling a fantasy of watching a live strip show. Unfortunately for Rob, his parents decide to reveal themselves just as things get a little more personal. Part of the Dangerous Pleasures season on BBC Three.