Storyville - 2009-2010 - Last White Man Standing

Tom Cholmondeley, heir to one of the largest estates in Kenya and the Lord Delamere title, stands accused of murder in Nairobi, charged with killing black poacher Robert Njoya on his land. If convicted, Cholmondeley could hang. Serah Njoya, the widow with four children who lives on the edge of the Delamere estate, wants her husband's killer brought to justice. The trial has gripped the nation, and is seen as a symptom of the contrast between the lives of a few wealthy Kenyan landowners and the many eking out an existence on the margins of society. With access to all the key participants in the trial, this documentary follows the case till after the judgement and features contributions from Lord and Lady Delamere, Tom Cholmondeley's girlfriend Sally Dudmesh, Serah Njoya, defence lawyer Fred Ojiambo, Carl Tundo and his parents, Fred and Lynn Tundo, the prosecutor Tobiko and Cholmondeley's godmother Tobina Cole.


  • Director Justin Webster