Sounds of the 60s - 23/10/2010

Brian Matthew presents the programme for all fans of the music of the 1960s. Tracks included this week from: Adam, Elvis, Rolf, Otis, Eden, Marvin and also The Beazers - who? You'll have to listen to find out but you will recognise the singer immediately. Three-in-a-Row is selected by Keith Ogden and features songs about San Francisco. The Sixties Chronicles, digging into the archives for the events of this coming week during the 1960's, looks at the first electronic wristwatch, JFK's announcement about the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Alma Cogan's death and Led Zeppelin's first gig. Sounds of the Sixties began in 1983 and Brian has been at helm since 1990, bringing to the programme his distinctive voice and unmatchable experience of sixties shows.