Show Me Show Me - Series 2 - Windy Days and Washing

We're off on a journey to play in the sky, into the lift and zoom way up high! Up at the top are friends that we know, let's go and meet them and count as we go! Chris and Pui look at some of the things the wind does and have fun making a windmill for Miss Mouse. Whirl and twirl with Chris and Pui out to the balcony to look through the telescope and see if you can spot what the wind does. Can you flutter your fingers like leaves dancing in the breeze? Next listen to all the different noises that the wind makes. Miss Mouse would like to live in a windmill, so Pui builds her one. Poor old Chris has got lots of washing to do. Can you be a washing machine and help him out? He's doing the Grand Old Duke's laundry for him too. Hopefully he won't ruin the Grand Old Duke's hat! Chris and Pui try to fold the dry washing but instead decide to make a big picture on the floor. Also featuring the adventures of Uki.


  • Producer Clare Bradley
  • Writer Anna Perowne
  • Actor Chris Jarvis
  • Actor Pui Fan Lee

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