She's Been Away

Stephen Poliakoff's drama about an unexpected pact which develops between two women - Lillian, who's been away in a 'home' since she was a rebellious girl half a century ago, and sophisticated, 'happily married Harriet. Brought reluctantly together when Lillian is returned to the world, the pair find a common purpose which has hilarious and risky consequences for those around them.


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  • Lillian Huckle Peggy Ashcroft
  • Harriet Ambrose Geraldine James
  • Hugh Ambrose James Fox
  • Matilda Rachel Kempson
  • Dominic Ambrose Jackson Kyle
  • Young Lillian Rebecca Pidgeon
  • Gladys Rosalie Crutchley
  • George Hugh Lloyd
  • Mental Hospital Nurse Brid Brennan
  • Mental Hospital Doctor David Hargreaves
  • Harley Street Doctor Richard Haddon Haines
  • Young Cousin Edward Barnaby Holm
  • Young Lillian's Father Donald Douglas
  • Louise Robyn Moore
  • Movie Buff David Timson
  • City Friend at Party Malcolm Mudie
  • Traffic Warden Doyle Richmond
  • Supermarket Cashier Anne Haydn
  • Director Peter Hall
  • Producer Kenith Trodd
  • Writer Stephen Poliakoff