Shelfstackers - Series 1 - Frenemies

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Welcome to the neon-lit, muzak-drifting world of Shelfstackers and the endless shift of four teens on the bottom rung of the supermarket pecking order. Banter, pranks, racing customers - any outlet for brimming frustrations is fair game. There's only one rule: don't get fired. As happy as a big kid in a sweet shop, Roy pitches up at work singing the praises of all things 'lurve'. He's met a new woman and he's smitten. When his absentee mother turns up at the store, it's with eyeball-gouging horror that Fitzy realises that the woman who has been making Roy blush is his mum! No shower or wire-based scouring pad will ever make him feel clean again. There's clearly only one course of action to take and so, with the assistance of Dan and Alyssa, 'Operation Breakup' begins. But as the plan starts to take shape, Fitzy gets an attack of conscience. His mum and Roy seem genuinely in love - don't simple supermarket apes and slightly aggressive, nicotine-addicted mothers deserve to be happy too? Meanwhile, with a crush on Dan the size of Port Talbot, Dani is miffed to see her best friend fawning over Alyssa! What is it with boys and those fake, superficial - albeit hot - girls? Not one to take an insult lying down, Alyssa sets out to teach Dani a lesson about the importance of appearances: hair, make up, action! She's pretty sure Dan's going to notice Dani after this makeover...