See Hear - Series 29 - Episode 2

On this week's programme we're launching a new 'Cultural Review' strand, which kicks off by giving you the lowdown on the best festivals and arts events coming up this year. Radha is joined by journalist and art critic Melissa Mostyn and filmmaker and avid festival goer Stephen Collins to discuss the relevance and accessibility of music festivals like Glastonbury and Latitude for the deaf community. We'll also be testing out some of the latest communication technology, and revisiting the Grummitt family - who we filmed with several years ago - to see how technology has developed over the generations. And, following on from last week's look at the evolution of sign language, Memnos will be exploring how BSL has been affected by the popularity of certain international signs.


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  • Presenter Radha Manjeshwar
  • Presenter Memnos Costi
  • Producer Ruth Shurman
  • Producer Helen Orton
  • Director Helen Orton