Screen One - A Question of Attribution

Film version of Alan Bennett's National Theatre hit, directed by John Schlesinger. A witty examination of the thesis that appearances can be deceptive. Sir Anthony Blunt leads a double life - interrogations by MI5 interspersed with visits to the palace where, on one memorable occasion, he is surprised by Her Majesty. How much does she know about him and, as the Fifth Man asks, what's she really like?


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  • Writer Alan Bennett
  • Producer Innes Lloyd
  • Sir Anthony Blunt James Fox
  • HM the Queen Prunella Scales
  • Chubb David Calder
  • Donleavy Geoffrey Palmer
  • Restorer John Carter
  • Phillips Mark Payton
  • Colin Jason Fleming
  • Blunt's Secretary Anne Jameson
  • Collins Edward De Souza
  • Director John Schlesinger