Saturday Play - Five Days in May

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Written by Matthew Solon. Under extreme pressure and suffering from lack of sleep, the politicians argued and negotiated. There was nothing inevitable about a Conservative Liberal Democrat coalition. Revealing key moments of the negotiations, the drama unpicks what went on behind closed doors and shows how an allegiance between the Conservative and Liberal Democrat gradually formed, and how it withstood the resignation of Gordon Brown. Based on pain-staking research, this is a must-listen 60-minutes - a compelling and entertaining dramatic retelling of the most extraordinary British election outcome in 70 years. Cast: David Cameron ..... Samuel West Nick Clegg ..... Nicholas Boulton Gordon Brown ..... Gerard Kelly Peter Mandleson ..... Henry Goodman Ed Balls ..... John Sessions William Hague ..... Philip Jackson Danny Alexander ..... Emun Elliot David Laws ..... Anthony Calf Chris Huhne ..... Rupert Frazer George Osborne ..... Ian Hughes Other parts are played by Charlotte Longfield, Wilf Gilmour and members of the cast.