River City - 26/10/2010

Charlie is looking forward to seeing Nicole again. But the green-eyed monster strikes when Nicole sees Charlie and Annie together. Keen to get rid of Annie as a love rival, Nicole sets up a date with Charlie for later that day. Annie and Raymond tease Charlie for buying condoms ahead of his date but a provocative picture message from Nicole cheers him up. Regardless of the teasing, he's going to have a good time and finally lose his virginity. Gabriel becomes party to the teasing and, along with Annie, he starts giving Charlie seduction advice for his tryst. Charlie leaves full of confidence. As Charlie and Nicole head to his flat, Annie discovers his mobile and can't resist a cheeky look at the picture of his girlfriend. She's horrified to discover that it's 14-year-old Nicole. Annie manages to break them up just in time, dragging away a very confused Charlie and leaving a furious Nicole behind. Charlie is horrified and disbelieving that Nicole is only 14. He's terrified that he kissed her publicly and worries what people will think of him. Charlie does everything he can to avoid Nicole, finally seeking sanctuary at The Tall Ship, telling her that children aren't allowed inside. With this final humiliation heaped upon her, Nicole flees in tears. Nicole's upset is a cause for concern at the Brodie's and Adeeb lets slip about her having a boyfriend. Feeling hurt and humiliated by Charlie, Nicole spitefully tells them she was seeing someone and who he is. Michael and Leyla are left reeling. Michael steams after Charlie and attacks him in the street. Gabriel, Annie and Raymond amongst others are involved as the truth eventually tumbles out. Nicole is publicly forced to withdraw her accusation. Charlie is battered and bruised, but relieved. Feeling vulnerable after his terrible day, Charlie opens up to Annie about how pathetic he feels, still being a virgin and getting things so wrong. Annie doesn't think he should be so uptight about it all and seduces him. Meanwhile, Michael worries about Leo's visit when the family is in such turmoil. Leyla is concerned about seeing Leo but swallows her concerns and reassures Michael. Ruth vows to return to work but her nerves get the better of her. It's Scott who comes to her aid and helps her find the confidence. Andy remains nervous of her mental health condition. Eileen resents how easily Annie has slotted into the dynamic at The Tall Ship and misconstrues events to view her as a maneater. Raymond is amused by her jealousy and promises her it's the last thing on his mind. Easing Eileen's worries about ending up a single mum, he promises not to pursue any romantic interest until their baby is at least a year old. Deek is jealous to sense that Stella and Gabriel may have some flirtation going on. Fraser fuels Deek's worries, enjoying their shared hatred of Gabriel. Meanwhile Stella, unaware of the suspicion and jealousies, arrives at the pub dressed up and looking forward to seeing Deek. She is raging to have been stood up and the potential relationship between them is stopped dead in its tracks.


  • 2010-10-26 20:00:00 - 2010-10-26 21:00:00 on BBC One Scotland,
  • 2010-10-31 13:15:00 - 2010-10-31 14:15:00 on BBC One Scotland,


  • Scott Wallace Tony Kearney
  • Charlie Bowie Ryan Smith
  • Raymond Henderson Paul Samson
  • Eileen Donachie Deirdre Davis
  • Molly O'Hara Una McLean
  • Andy Carroll Jamie Michie
  • Iona McIntyre Claire Knight
  • Derek Henderson Gordon McCorkell
  • Hayley McCrone Pamela Byrne
  • Jack Paterson John Comerford
  • Stella Walker Keira Lucchesi
  • Fraser Crozier Neil McNulty
  • Producer Lizzie Gray
  • Robbie Fraser Gary Lamont
  • Gabriel Brodie Garry Sweeney
  • Michael Brodie Andy Clark
  • Leyla Brodie Maryam Hamdi
  • Adeeb Brodie Taryam Boyd
  • Ruth Carroll Morag Calder
  • Nicole Brodie Holly Jack
  • Conor Brodie Rian John Gordon
  • Annie Sobacz Reanne Farley
  • Director Patrick Harkins
  • Writer Adrian Mead