River City - 05/01/2010

Charlie warns Jennifer not to get her hopes up over Amber. Jennifer ignores her brother's advice and makes a pass at her friend. A shocked Amber rushes off when Jennifer kisses her; Charlie sees the rebuff. Jimmy witnesses an upset Jennifer having a go at Innes. Later, Jennifer is aghast at seeing Jimmy throw Miss Iris Walton's possessions into a skip. She and Jimmy look through what's left in Iris's flat. Jennifer finds a box of love letters to Iris from 'Max' and she starts reading through them. Jimmy and Jennifer try to track down Max's address. After speaking to Malcolm at the Cafe, Jennifer learns that Iris had a cousin, a Mary Morgan, who stayed with her years ago, but there's no sign of anyone called Max. Jimmy and Charlie's investigations fail to trace Mary or Max. Meanwhile, Miss Walton's cousin Mary arrives back in Shieldinch. She sees Jennifer's note in the deli window and heads for Iris's flat where she's discovered by Jen. Mary reveals to Jennifer that she is 'Max' and tells all about her lesbian relationship with Iris. Mary is saddened on reading the last letter Iris wrote for her: it appears Iris's life passed her by as she was not open about who she was. Mary's words leave Jennifer with much food for thought. Later in the Ship, Jennifer and Amber make up - Amber says she's OK with Jennifer being gay. Jennifer then heads off to tell her parents. During the investigation into Miss Walton's life, Jennifer had come to realise that Iris's life has a resonance with her own. At the Murdoch's, Lydia's announcement that the guest room will now be Lee's leaves Lenny feeling uneasy. As Lenny is heading to Manchester on business, he tells Ewan to keep an eye on Lee, who thinks he's being paranoid. Lenny gives Lee money and tells him to disappear before he returns. Amber and Lee discuss how close they feel to each other, and she explains that Jennifer kissed her which is why she's giving a good pal the cold shoulder. Later, worried by Lenny's threat, Lee slips out of the pub, intent on leaving Shieldinch. Lydia spots Lee on his way to the subway and invites him to dinner. Lee reluctantly agrees. At dinner with Lydia, Amber and Ewan, Lee is starting to feel the strain of all the lies. Lenny then returns unannounced and Lee is forced to make his exit. After waving goodbye to Lydia and Amber, a disheartened Lee is warned by Lenny not to return to Shieldinch. Joanne receives an unexpected windfall with the arrival of Nazir's life insurance money, but she's not keen on keeping it. Ruth, Gina and Eileen are concerned and try to organise her life for what they think is the better. Malcolm encourages Jo to be true to who she is and use the money for positive means. Jo finally decides to leave Shieldinch and move to Australia to embrace a dream she and Nazir once shared. Deek does his best to persuade Bob to go off on a stag do they agreed to go on before Bob and Nicki got together. A reluctant Bob is unsure as to how Nicki will react as they've planned to go and see Shirley in Spain that weekend! Deek spills the beans to Nicki and she's fine about the boys' stag plans for Prague, so Bob is relieved.


  • 2010-01-05 20:00:00 - 2010-01-05 21:00:00 on BBC One Scotland,
  • 2010-01-10 13:30:00 - 2010-01-10 14:30:00 on BBC One Scotland,


  • Bob Adams Stephen Purdon
  • Jimmy Mullen Billy McElhaney
  • Scarlett Mullen Sally Howitt
  • Gina Hamilton Libby McArthur
  • Joanne Rossi Lisa Gardner
  • Charlie Bowie Ryan Smith
  • Eileen Donachie Deirdre Davis
  • Derek Henderson Gordon McCorkell
  • Malcolm Hamilton Johnny Beattie
  • Producer Jonathan Phillips
  • Amber Murdoch Lorna Anderson
  • Jennifer Bowie Lorna Craig
  • Director Bill McLeod
  • Nicki Cullen Jayd Johnson
  • Lenny Murdoch Frank Gallagher
  • Lydia Murdoch Jacqueline Leonard
  • Ewan Murdoch Chris Brazier
  • Ruth Green Morag Calder
  • Innes Maitland Samuel Robertson
  • Lee James Palmer
  • Mary Anna Hepburn
  • Writer Peter Hynes