Rastamouse - Sole Rebel

Stop-motion series featuring Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer, crime-fighting special agents who solve mysteries and play in a reggae band. Cool new trainers and a thief who keeps putting things back; if the Easy Crew keep an eye on the investigative thread they might just hear a vital clue. Zoomer's swapped his skates for the latest must have trainers. He, like Rubba and Dub are devastated when the stitching on their new shoes fails and the trainers fall apart; but not as devastated as Sol, the manager of the trainer store, when the latest consignment of these groovy trainers are stolen from his shop. With these criss trainers in such demand a theft isn't such a surprise but when the consignment of shoes is returned Rastamouse is intrigued. The Easy Crew follow the clues and find a stitch in time saves nine.