Rastamouse - President's Pie

Stop-motion series featuring crime-fighting special agents Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer. They solve mysteries and have adventures. They're the best throughout the land, so cool and brave and funky, and they play in a reggae band. Some teef's taken da special pie Bandulu baked for Wensley Dale. Rastamouse fears it's an inside job! Bandulu's preparing a special pie for a Presidential celebration but when left overnight to mature, the pie goes missing with just crumbs left in the baking tin. As the Easy Crew investigate Bandulu works hard to back another pie - which also goes missing. Rastamouse is convinced it's an inside job so the Easy Crew stake out Bandulu's kitchen and are surprised to find that the pie thief is Bandulu himself! Bandulu's been sleepwalking and munching on the President's pie in his sleep. Can the Easy Crew help the orphan mice get a replacement pie ready for the Presidential celebration whilst letting Bandulu catch up on some much needed rest?