Rastamouse - Mice Camera Action

Stop-motion series featuring crime-fighting special agents Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer. They solve mysteries and have adventures. They're the best throughout the land, so cool and brave and funky, and they play in a reggae band. There's a super cool director in town making every mouse go crazy for his new pirate movie but how come no one's ever heard of this Spike Cheez? Even the President's excited when bigshot movie director Spike Cheez arrives in Grove Town looking for mice with star quality for his latest pirate blockbuster movie. Spike convinces everyone, even Scratchy and Zoomer, to help out for free. But Rastamouse is suspicious - skateboards in a pirate flick?. Zoomer's wooed by the showbiz glitz but when his cool stunt knocks over the camera, Rastamouse realises that Spike's not even using film. Rastamouse devises a plan to prove whether Spike is real or fake but not before the orphan Mice find themselves out at sea without any paddles for their pirate raft.