Rastamouse - Bakin' and Breakin'

Stop-motion series featuring crime-fighting special agents Rastamouse, Scratchy and Zoomer. They solve mysteries and have adventures. They're the best throughout the land, so cool and brave and funky, and they play in a reggae band. Rastamouse teaches some tasty dance moves to solve a problem at the orphanage. As the Easy Crew rehearse for the island dance contest they are called away to investigate problems at the orphanage. The orphans haven't been getting their meals on time and Bandulu's behaving oddly. Bandulu's explanations for his messy kitchen don't make sense so the Easy Crew stake out the orphanage and witness some bizarre goings on. It seems Bandulu's trying to teach himself to dance so that he can win the big dance prize for the orphans. Desperate to help out Scratchy, Zoomer and Missy D all try to teach Bandulu some cool moves but he's still struggling to get into the groove. However, when Rastamouse sees Bandulu gracefully preparing dishes in the kitchen he has an idea for a 'cooking' dance that will woo the dance competition judges.