Poetry Please - 08/04/2007

Roger McGough celebrates the arrival of spring with poems by Walt Whitman, Charlotte Mew, Thomas Hardy and Ted Hughes. Readers are Adjoa Andoh, Cian Murchu and Trevor Peacock. [Rptd Sat 11.30pm] The Year's Awakening by Thomas Hardy From: The Oxford Authors Publ: Oxford University Press Miracles by Walt Whitman From: The Complete Poems Publ: Penguin The Fight of the Year by Roger McGough From: The Oxford Book of Christmas Poems Publ: Oxford University Press I So Liked Spring by Charlotte Mew From: Collected Poems and Prose Publ: Carcanet Press All Suddenly the Wind Comes Soft by Rupert Brooke From: The Complete Poems of Rupert Brooke Publ: Sidgwick & Johnson The Trees by Philip Larkin From: Collected Poems Publ: faber and faber Primavera by Robin Robertson From: Wild Reckoning anthology Publ: Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation The West Wind by John Masefield From: The Collected Poems Publ: Heinemann Home-Thoughts from Abroad by Robert Browning From: Poems selected by WE Williams Publ: Penguin The Lambs of Grasmere by Christina Rossetti From: The Complete Poems Publ: Penguin Winter by Brendan Behan, translated by Ullick O'Connor From: Life Styles Publ: The Dolmen Press - Dublin. London - Hamish Hamilton. Easter 1916 by W.B. Yeats From: The Collected Poems of W.B. Yeats Publ: palgrave Easter by George Herbert From: The English Poems of George Herbert Publ: Dent April Birthday by Ted Hughes From: Season Songs Publ: faber and faber


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