Pick of the Week - 22/05/2011

Liz Barclay makes her selection from the past seven days of BBC Radio When the Chinese Nureyev defected to the USA it was 6 years before he was joyfully reunited with his parents. Ruthie gave birth at 16 and abandoned her new born baby in a phone box but that had a happy ending too. And the cuckoo dumps its egg in another bird's next, flies off to another continent, and its determined offspring can still find its parents. Child/parents relationships figure large in this week's Pick of the Week, along with Bob Dylan at 70, the Luddites 200 years on and the Great life of the first African American Heavyweight champion of the world. Midweek - Radio 4 History of the World Special - Radio 4 The Chinese Nureyev - Radio 4 David Attenborough's Life Stories - Radio 4 Lost Property - A Telegram From the Queen - Radio 4 Incredible Women - Radio 4 EL Milagro - The Miracle of Cartagena - Radio 3 The Luddite Lament - Radio 4 Great Lives - Radio 4 Roller Girls - Radio 4 Costing The Earth - Radio 4 Nashville Cats - The Making of Blonde on Blonde - Radio 2 Ballads of Thin Men - Radio 4 The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - Radio 2 Email: [email protected] or www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/potw Producer: Cecile Wright.

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