Open Book - 19/07/2009

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Mariella Frostrup talks to Aravind Adiga about his new novel Between the Assassinations, written before his first book, the Booker Prize -winning novel The White Tiger. The title refers to the period between the two assassinations of two former prime ministers of India, Indira and her son Rajiv Gandhi, and is a sequence of fictional stories set in a fictional seaside town Kittur. 75 years after JB Priestly's English Journey was published, novelist Dame Beryl Bainbridge discusses Priestly's love of England and the impact of the book, 25 years on, from following in Priestly's footstep herself - documented as a film and in the book, English Journey or the Road to Milton Keynes. Also, European writers and their literary love affair with the Carribbean, from Jean Rhys's The Wide Sargasso Sea to the present, with two new Trinidadian writers Amanda Smyth and Monique Roffey, and Carole Angier biographer of Jean Rhys.