One Night in Emergency

Over the course of one night, a middle class man struggles to find his wife in the wards of an inner-city hospital. As he journeys through empty corridors he meets a series of strange people who divert him from the task at hand. It is soon a race against time to escape their surreal world and see the woman he loves one last time.


  • 2010-01-04 21:00:00 - 2010-01-04 22:00:00 on BBC One Scotland,


  • Peter Forbes Kevin McKidd
  • Penny Forbes Michelle Ryan
  • Cyclops Igal Naor
  • Old Security Guard Gary Lewis
  • Young Security Guard Ewen Bremner
  • Mortuary Attendant Michael Smiley
  • Laundry Worker James Cosmo
  • Widower David Hayman
  • Nick Jamie Sives
  • Minicab Driver Tam Dean Burn
  • House Doctor Sanjeev Kohli
  • Junior Doctor 1 Joshua Jenkins
  • Junior Doctor 2 Sean Biggerstaff
  • Receptionist Cora Bissett
  • Beautiful Nurse Wunmi Mosaku
  • Pharmacist Raymond Mearns
  • Nurse Victoria Balnaves
  • Male Nurse Greg McHugh
  • Charge Nurse Maureen Carr
  • ICU Nurse Lucy Holt
  • Fighting Man Martin Docherty
  • Deranged Man Craig Smith
  • Skinhead Rab Affleck
  • Director Michael Offer
  • Producer Dan Hine
  • Writer Gregory Burke